With Spring officially in full swing, this is the ideal time to start prepping your lawn and landscape for the upcoming summer months. As the weather gradually begins to warm, taking a few simple steps can help ensure a yard that’s healthier, greener, and free of debris that may have accumulated over the winter. If you’re not in a position to do this yourself, whether it’s from a busy schedule, mobility issues, or other reasons, working with a professional landscape company can ensure that it’s done properly and efficiently.     

At Trimline Landscape Management, we offer a wide range of Spring landscaping services for lawns and properties of every size. Our Spring Cleanup is one of our most popular services, and provides just about everything you’ll need to keep your property healthy and looking its very best all summer long.

  • Thorough removal of all sticks, leaves, and debris from turf and beds
  • Cutting any ornamental grass or dead perennials for optimal growth
  • Removal of all grasses and debris that’s been cut during your appointment
  • We also offer seeding services to help restore lawns in need of more care
  • Bushes or shrubs in need of trimming? Ask about our expert pruning services
  • All work performed by our staff of highly experienced landscape professionals

If you’re like so many homeowners in the Rochester area who love spending time outdoors at home during the summer, scheduling a Spring cleanup is an effective and affordable way to make sure that your yard is safe, healthy, and as inviting as ever. To learn more about the advantages of having your property spruced up by our team of dedicated professionals, get in touch today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have, or assist you with scheduling service. 

Trimline Landscape Management is based in Rochester, NY and proudly serves the needs of homeowners and property managers throughout Monroe County. Give us a call at 585-723-5815 to get started or write to us anytime through our website’s contact page.