Performed in spring or fall using a machine that is comprised of several rows of hollow tines. These tines are plunged into the ground to a depth of approximately 3”. Dime roll sized cores of soil are pulled out onto the lawn's surface. These cores will break down and disappear naturally over the course of a week or two. Core Aeration reduces soil compaction often caused by lawn rollers, construction equipment, or heavy foot traffic. It also aids in the breakdown of thatch while improving flow of air, water, and nutrients to the root system. This will increase effectiveness of fertilizers and waterings promoting a deeper root system making for a healthier and more drought tolerant lawn. Aeration creates an excellent seed bed and provides a great opportunity for over-seeding.



Mary Jung

“We have had Trimline do our lawn maintenance for the past couple of years following my husband's failed back surgery. Neighbors over the past 46 years have always commented on how nice our yard looks; now they are stopping to say they've noticed we are now using a lawn service and they want the name of that service for their own use.

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