From parking lots and entrance ways, to loading docks and service entrances, the commercial snow removal professionals at Trimline are dedicated to keeping your business running smoothly.  We provide a diverse range of commercial winter services, use the most modern snow & ice removal equipment, and offer the convenience of 24/7 site maintenance. Whether it’s your office or your commercial property, it's important to make sure that you have a clear and safe path.  As one of the most versatile landscape maintenance companies in Rochester NY, we're proud to offer a complete selection of commercial snow removal services.

  • Advanced Equipment for Fast Snow Removal
  • Personal Stockpile of Salt and Ice Melt
  • 24/7 Snow Removal Services in Western NY
  • Constant Weather Condition Monitoring
  • Affordable Rates Backed by Extensive Experience
  • Centrally-located for Faster Arrival Times

Plowing: Snow will be cleared from roadways and parking areas once predetermined threshold has been met.

Walkway Shoveling: Snow will be cleared from walkways once predetermined threshold has been met.

Parking Lot De-Icing: Rock salt is applied to roadways and parking areas when ice is present or the possibility of ice exists.

Walkway De-Icing: Ice melt is applied to walkways when ice is present or the possibility of ice exists.

Snow Stacking: Any snow piles that encroach on roadways, parking areas, or obstruct vision, may be stacked up higher or relocated onsite using a wheel loader.

Snow Removal: Once on-site snow storage areas are full, snow can be hauled away and disposed of off-site.



Villas at Field Stone

On behalf of the Villas at Fieldstone Board of Directors and residents I would like to thank you for the great job done by Trimline on snow removal this past winter. Our Board members received many positive comments from the residents regarding the timely work done to have driveways cleared by 8:00AM. It was also evident that great care was taken to minimize damage to the property. The Board is pleased with our decision to hire Trimline and would like to thank you personally for honoring your commitment to us to satisfy the terms of the contract. It's good to know that we have a partner we can depend on.

If you are ever unsatisfied with a service visit, we will fix it, we will make it right or it's free!