Lawn Mowing Season: April – November

Frequency: Mowing is performed as needed weekly throughout the season

Trash: Trash and debris will be removed from lawn prior to mowing

Mowing Pattern: Mowing is performed in a straight line pattern alternating weekly

Mowing Height: Is determined by type of grass, terrain, and season with emphasis being placed on not removing more than 1/3 of the leaf blade

Clippings: Grass clippings are mulched back into lawn to provide additional nutrients

Double cutting: During periods of heavy growth we may cut your lawn twice alternating directions in one visit to aid in the dispersal of clippings. This is performed at no additional charge when it is deemed necessary by the contractor

Trimming: Areas unreachable by our mowing equipment will be cut to the same height as the rest of the lawn using gas powered line trimmers

Blowing: Any grass clippings left by mowing operations will be cleared from driveways, patios, sidewalks, etc. by use of gas powered backpack blowers.

Equipment: All of our mowing crews are set up with 20” push mowers, 36” walk behind mowers, and 60” zero turn riding mowers. This gives us the ability to choose the most appropriate mowing equipment for your properties size, terrain and conditions. We run all newer model equipment and our fleet is updated regularly. We sharpen and service equipment weekly allowing us to provide you with the highest quality of cut.  We also equip our mowers with operator controlled discharge chutes enabling us to direct grass clippings away from vehicles, swimming pools, landscape beds, etc. 

Why Trimline for Lawn Mowing in Rochester?

The Best Equipment - Anyone can show up at your house with a lawn mower and good intentions, but that won't improve the quality of their work.  Trimline is constantly investing in the best lawn care equipment to ensure service that is efficient, accurate and of the highest quality.

Consistent Crews - We believe that familiar faces make for much better lawn services.  Dispatching the same crew to your home or office ensures that work is completed in the most efficient and friendly manner possible, with an added touch of friendly familiarity.

Guaranteed Timeliness - Punctuality is something we take very seriously, as we know what it means to our customers.  With this is one of our driving motivations, Trimline is dedicated to working around your schedule to make things as convenient as possible.