Autumn Red

 1-1.25 crushed stone (Burgundy)

Buffalo Brown

Double Ground color enhanced brown mulch


Small Cobbles

4-8” earth tone cobbles used for landscaping


Concrete Sand

Coarse sand used for paver screed layer



Crusher 5/8

5/8” minus driveway/patio
/walkway base


1” minus driveway/patio
/walkway base

Large Mixed gray

1- 3” round stone used for landscaping


Mason Sand

Fine sand used for swimming pools and paver joints


Medium Mixed Gray

¾ -1” round stone for drainage and landscaping

Midnight Black

Double ground color enhanced black Mulch

Mushroom Compost

Nutrient rich soil amendment

Nature Brown

Triple Ground hardwood Mulch


Pea Gravel

½” minus washed and screened round gravel for drainage and landscaping

Playzone Mulch

All-natural clean certified wood chips


Premium Brown

All-natural double ground hardwood mulch


Red Ochre

Double ground color enhanced red mulch



Screened Topsoil

Premium screened topsoil tested and certified

Stone Dust

1/8” minus paver/ paver base/ screed layer

Timber Mix

1- 1 1/2” lightweight decorative aggregate



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