While new home construction plans obviously vary from builder to builder, many new home buyers find themselves with a gorgeous new house and a lawn in desperate need of some TLC.  Depending on what time of the year you purchased your property, the way you go about developing and caring for your lawn with also vary.  Homes with no grass at all will need to start the process from scratch, while those with sod and recently seeded yards will need to make sure it’s getting everything it needs to thrive.     

At Trimline Landscape Management in Rochester, we’ve worked with many new home buyers over the years, and thought we’d take a moment to review some basics and ideas when it comes to establishing and caring for your property.  This is far from a complete list, but can serve as a good starting point for those new to the topic.   

  • Lawn rolling, to ensure a flat surface if you’ll be installing a deck or patio 
  • Be sure to water newly laid lawns consistently, especially in warmer weather
  • Lawn aeration, followed by over-seeding and fertilizer to nourish your lawn
  • Decorative stone installation is a great way to fill out to an empty yard
  • Planting trees, shrubs and flowers can increase both appearance and comfort
  • Gardens look wonderful, make a great hobby and promote self-sustainability

While some of the aforementioned actions and ideas are familiar to many, it’s important to work with a professional landscaper if you’re unsure about anything.  This is especially true with new lawns and sod, as well as more complex tasks such as rolling, patio installations and aeration.  If you’re in the Rochester area and need assistance with anything mentioned in this article, Trimline is here to help. 

We offer a full range of expert lawn care and landscaping services, and  bring decades of experience working with new construction and recent builds.  Give us a call at 585-723-5815 or get in touch via email through our contact page