Mowing the lawn, you either love it or hate it but the question is how often should you do it? The answer is not so simple it really depends on your lawn! Mowing your lawn regularly is an important part of maintaining a healthy lawn. Routine mowing can help your lawn look clean, beautiful, and healthy. When thinking about keeping a healthy lawn, it is important to look at the length of your grass and decided if it needs mowing. So lets look at the seasons!

  • Spring: Do not get to eager! Mowing your lawn too early is asking for a brown lawn summer. Take this time to fertilize your lawn, do maintenance on your mower (check those blades!) and get your spring clean up scheduled! Plan to mow late spring!
  • Summer: Your grass is going to grow faster in the summer months, so you are going to want to cut it regularly but its important not to cut it too short! Cutting your lawn too short causes patchiness and browning. You are going to want to keep the length of your grass at about 3 inches for that optimal grow! Anything above means it’s time to mow!
  • Fall: the leaves are falling, and the nights are getting colder, your lawn is starting to slow down. Here is where you do not want to rush out and mow your lawn to get that last cut in before the snow! Make sure your lawn is not too wet that can damage its roots, this is where best judgement comes in to play. Your mowing might be over until the spring!

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