With summer officially behind us and winter fast approaching, it’s time for those in Western NY to start thinking about protecting and preparing their trees and shrubs.  Just like us, trees and shrubs have unique requirements that need to be provided in order to survive the cold, as well as thrive when spring eventually arrives.  Fortunately, none of the basics are too complicated.  Many people find that they can be done on their own, or very affordably by calling a local landscaping company.

At Trimline Landscape Management in Rochester, we’re constantly being asked about the best ways to prepare trees and shrubs in the fall.  Here are some tips and essentials to keep in mind when it comes to protecting your landscape from the potential damage of a long, cold winter.

  • Spread 2-3 inches of mulch or shredded bark to the base and exposed roots
  • Don’t forget to water trees and shrubs during winter, they’re thirsty all year
  • Fertilize to provide minerals and nutrients needed for growth and photosynthesis 
  • Deter pests to prevent nesting and damage (barriers, statues, liquid deterrents, etc.)   
  • If you have trees that are under two years old, wrap them before the first freeze
  • It may be tempting, but hold off on pruning trees and shrubs until the spring

It’s understandable that many homeowners don’t give too much though when it comes to pre-winter landscaping, but if you want your property’s trees and shrubs to be healthy and vibrant come spring, taking a few extra steps before the first freeze is a great way to make it happen.  For more information on how to protect your property when the temperature drops, or to schedule an appointment for pre-winter preparation, get in touch with Trimline Landscape Management today and we’ll be happy to help.

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