One of the first things many new homeowners learn, is that protecting your lawn during the winter months and promoting strong growth the following summer requires a little work before the temperatures start plunging. Whether we’re talking about your grass, garden, or flower beds, knowing which measures to take will ensure optimal growth, bloom, and color once the warm weather returns. In this article, we’ll review some of the basics on what needs to be done in the fall to promote a stunning lawn come spring and summer.

The following list represents some of the most fundamental steps, as each lawn will have unique needs. If you’re new to the process, visit the Trimline Landscape blog for helpful tips on how to protect and maintain your lawn year-round. That said, here’s a list of the essentials when it comes to preparing your lawn during mid to late fall:

  • Be sure to cut your grass low prior to the first freeze, and keep it low
  • Aerate your lawn to help your roots recover from intense summer heat
  • If you’re applying a fertilizer, do so after grass stops growing in the fall
  • Overseeding should be done approximately 6-8 weeks before freezing
  • If you keep a compost heap, that can provide excellent garden insulation
  • Mulch any fallen leaves to provide a source of nutrition for your grass
  • When in doubt, contact a professional local landscaper for assistance

If this is new to you, it may sound a bit overwhelming for those who’ve never had to prep a lawn before winter. But once you’ve gone through it the first time, you’ll find that it can be a fun, rewarding experience that teaches you something new each season. For those in the Rochester area who aren’t in a position to carry out the tasks personally, the professionals at Trimline Landscape Management can handle the entire process for you at a very affordable rate.

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